Sudan: Is The West Funding Religious Genocide?

Sudan: Is The West Funding Religious Genocide?

A young Christian Sudanese woman, Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, who is married to a dual U.S.-Sudanese citizen, has recently been convicted of apostasy by Sudan’s Islamist government, headed by dictator-president Omar al-Bashir. Al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of ordering genocide against the people of his own country’s Darfur province, has himself refused to stand trial before the ICC in the Hague, Netherlands.

Mariam, who just gave birth to a daughter of her own within the past week, states that she is the daughter of a Sudanese Christian mother and an unknown Muslim father. Although Mariam was raised as a Christian by her mother and has never practiced Islam in any way whatsoever, al-Bashir’s interpretation of Islamic Sharia labels her as a Muslim merely because her unknown father was allegedly a Muslim. Sharia law states that religion passes to a child solely from their father.

Notably, Mariam’s upbringing is not all that different from U.S. president Obama’s, who is the child of a Kenyan Muslim man. One must wonder whether the next time Obama travels to a Sharia nation, such as American “allies” Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, or Afghanistan, he might also be arrested for apostasy since he no longer practices his father’s Islam? Adding insult to injury, the U.S.–the country that Mariam’s husband and daughter are dual citizens of–provides Sudan with 1/3 of its total foreign aid annually:

Over the past five years, the top foreign donors to the Sudan on average have been: the U.S. ($900 million/year), the EU ($250 million), the UK ($245 million), the Netherlands ($130 million), and Japan ($125 million), none of which are religious-based nations, let alone nations with Sharia law criminalizing “apostasy”. Sudan’s total annual foreign aid from all its fellow Arab nations combined accounts for a mere $80 million.

How many times do people like Mariam need to go through this sort of thing before the world wakes up and decides to do something about al-Bashir’s crimes against the Sudanese commonfolk? Does Mariam have to be murdered for her “crime” of “converting” from a religion that she never belonged to in the first place before the Western nations decide to suspend foreign aid to Sudan?


Outrageous! Half of these companies should have gone under, would have gone under if not for taxpayer bailouts.

The Buzz - Investment and Stock Market News

It’s that time of year again. Most of the nation’s big banks have disclosed how much chief executives earned in 2012. While some had their compensation cut, others received hefty raises.

One caveat: Wells Fargo (WFC) CEO John Stumpf, who received $17.6 million in total compensation in 2011, is not on the list. Wells has not yet disclosed Stumpf’s 2012 compensation. Blankfein: $21 million

The CEO of Goldman Sachs (GS), took home a pay package totaling $21 million.

On top of his base salary of $2 million, Goldman Sachs’ board granted Blankfein a nearly $19 million bonus: $13.3 million in stock and $5.6 million in cash.

In 2011, Blankfein received total compensation worth $12 million.

He wasn’t the only one who got a raise last year. The other top four executives at Goldman were paid base salary and bonuses worth a combined $71 million.

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This needs to stop. Israel’s policy has isolated the U.S. globally.

Global Public Square

By Ibrahim Sharqieh, Special to CNN

Editor’s note: Ibrahim Sharqieh is deputy director of the Brookings Institution’s Doha Center. The views expressed are the writer’s own.

We are now set for a third term for Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu. And, although Netanyahu’s Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu coalition seems to have underperformed expectations, a plurality of the vote will allow him to once again lead Israel’s government.

But even a somewhat moderated Netanyahu government will continue to advance radical positions that put regional and global security in danger. The question, then, is how the United States can best push another right-wing administration to behave in accordance with the principles of the international security system – and its own national interests.

Over the past two Netanyahu terms, the international community, and the United States in particular, adopted an approach based on accommodation when dealing with the Netanyahu government. The hope was that…

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The corruption has to stop.

CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) — Sen. Robert Menendez’s office issued a statement Wednesday saying he had traveled several times on a plane belonging to a Florida eye doctor who had given political donations to Menendez but that all the trips were “paid for and reported appropriately.” The office also denied allegations the New Jersey Democrat had engaged the services of prostitutes.

The statement was issued after FBI agents searched the West Palm Beach office of the ophthalmologist, Dr. Salomon Melgen. Investigators were seen carrying out boxes during the search, which began Tuesday night and continued into Wednesday. An FBI spokesman in Florida confirmed there was “law enforcement activity” at the location where the search occurred but did not mention Melgen or anyone else and did not explain what agents were investigating.

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Tip of the Day: A Utility Curve shows an individual’s personal preference for two scenarios relative to one another. It represents an amount of one option that the person is willing to trade for a given amount of the other option. It’s often used to compare an individual’s preferences between two goods. Each possible point along the Utility Curve provides the individual with the same quantity of “utils” as any other point on the curve.

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