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Remembering American Independence: An Economic Guide

Happy Independence Day To All Americans! Happy 4th of July, America. Remember what the holiday means as you celebrate it today. And be inspired to make a difference. Let’s remember what this day originally stood for–Not what we have become Freedom alongside an apathy and ignorance of the world around us will only lead our country back to chaos, …

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One Percenter Watch: Facebook’s Saverin

Facebook‘s co-founder Eduardo Saverin doesn’t have the immediate name recognition as his former partner Marc Zuckerberg. However Saverin caused a stir this week by having renounced his U.S. citizenship in favor of Singaporean statehood. He did this before Facebook’s stock IPO hit the American market on Friday to avoid having to pay the U.S. tens of …

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What Is Economics About?

Economics is the study of the efficient allocation of limited and scarce resources among a society. If all resources were always available in unlimited quantities, much of modern economics would be an unnecessary field of study. However in modern society, all goods, services, technology, production, capital, labor, and natural resources do exist only in finite amounts. Some natural …

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Tip of the Day: The Supply Curve

A producer’s Supply Curve slopes upward because as a certain good‘s sale price increases the producer is inclined to produce more of the good. On the other hand, as a good’s sale price decreases, suppliers’ tendency is to cut back on production of the good and focus their resources on production of more profitable items.

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Tip of the Day: No Taxes In Cuba

Did you know that the Castro regime in Cuba tells its people they do not pay taxes, and that the less-educated Cubans tend to believe it? Although the pay an income tax over 90%, their pay stubs do not reflect the taxation or the real amount earned. All they see is their post-tax paycheck amount, …

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