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World’s Top 15 Economies: Cuba (Five-Year Update)

Cuba Five years ago, Cuba was the Western Hemisphere’s only official remaining dictatorship, where one-party political rule and a closed-market, government-run economy regulated all aspects of the Cuban people’s lives. In the five years since the first version of this piece was published, the Castro brothers’ near-absolute, 50-year grasp on power has weakened substantially: Fidel …

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Will Obama’s Deception Spell America’s End?

Barack Obama has been legally determined to not have met the basic citizenship requirements for holding the Office of Present of the United States of America. His non-citizen father, his mother who had renounced her U.S. citizenship to travel to Indonesia, and now the most scandalous inscrutable proof yet of the Obama deception is the …

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Hugo Chavez Chooses Capitalist Medicine!

Hugo Chavez had been in Cuba when he and Fidel Castro claim that his cancer was found accidentally during a routine doctor’s visit. According to Castro, Chavez had been in Cuba for unrelated reasons. What those reasons might have been, what prompted Chavez to inexplicably visit a Cuban doctor instead of returning home first, and …

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Tip of the Day 14: Savings Tips in a Bad Economy

Cut Coupons–just don’t overdo it because the retailers have begun to push back on people who abuse it. Purchase only necessities until you’re back on your feet financially. Pay off the credit card with the lowest debt first, saving you one whole account’s worth of interest, late fees, and one less monthly bill to worry …

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Huh, Communist Democracy??

Is a term like “Capitalistic Democracy” redundant? Don’t the two words mean the same thing? Aren’t Communist countries always undemocratic? The answer to all of these questions is the same: “Yes And No, But More So ‘No’”. That’s the short, confusing answer. In reality, Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism are Economic Systems: Free Market, or Laisse …

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