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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Tip of the Day: The Supply Curve

A producer’s Supply Curve slopes upward because as a certain good‘s sale price increases the producer is inclined to produce more of the good. On the other hand, as a good’s sale price decreases, suppliers’ tendency is to cut back on production of the good and focus their resources on production of more profitable items. Advertisements

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Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Who’s More Socialist?

Barack Obama is widely considered to be the most socialist U.S. president in history. He has instituted the so-called “Obama Care” and solidified government control over several American industries that had typically been overseen by the private sector or a more mixed form of socialism. Mitt Romney, his Republican challenger in 2012’s presidential election, has also …

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Sudan: Why Do Economic Sanctions Work?

The USA and other nations around the world essentially donate horrible regimes billions of dollars every year in the form of oil money. Some of the world’s most corrupt governments have been longtime members of OPEC, an illicit cartel that limits oil supply levels and agrees for all its member states to sell the produced oil …

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Britain has officially entered a double-dip recession? Who’s next?

The UK has officially entered into the beginnings of a double-dip recession after two consecutive months of negative GDP growth. The new recession follows just months after Britain had appeared to overcome its first recession in 2011. Global markets and neighboring economies are all on edge as they observe Europe‘s largest economy in freefall. But …

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