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Monthly Archives: June, 2011

Is The Debt Ceiling Unconstitutional?

According to the 14th Amendment, some economists and legal experts say, America’s debt ceiling limit is not Constitutional. Should Congress refuse to raise the ceiling, President Obama could theoretically invoke the Amendment and render Congress’ vote Unconstitutional. The 14th Amendment appears to have been created with the intention of ensuring the federal government could borrow …

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What Do You Think Communism’s Future Holds?

Will the communist nations all become capitalist with time? If so, which one will do it first? Will the others follow? Or will they all remain communist for the foreseeable future?

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Communist Countries: Yesterday’s Triva Answer

Yesterday, I wrote in the Tip of the Day that there are currently five Communist economies left on the planet. Mainland China was a freebie but I asked for the other four nations in the form of a trivia game, which may become a mainstay of this blog. The question was answered almost immediately and …

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Tip of the Day 9: A Beautiful Mind

Remember the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind in which Russel Crowe portrayed a schizophrenic economist? The movie is a true story based on the life of economist John Nash, the inventor of the economic concept called Game Theory. In his later life, Mr. Nash became a Mathematics Researcher at his alma mater, Princeton University. Presently …

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Is Herman Cain America’s Next President?

The latest Gallup poll on the 2012 Presidential election reveals some interesting developments. For one President Obama’s vote percentage relative to a generic GOP challenger is among its lowest levels since Gallup began tracking these statistics several months ago. Were the election held during the June 9-June 12 polling period, Obama would receive only 39% of …

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