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World’s Top 15 Economies: Cuba (Five-Year Update)

Cuba Five years ago, Cuba was the Western Hemisphere’s only official remaining dictatorship, where one-party political rule and a closed-market, government-run economy regulated all aspects of the Cuban people’s lives. In the five years since the first version of this piece was published, the Castro brothers’ near-absolute, 50-year grasp on power has weakened substantially: Fidel …

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Myths & Misconceptions About Capitalism

1. Capitalism favors the wealthy The Reality: Capitalism favors the hardest-working, the most creative, the most inventive, thoughtful, unique, and innovative people. True capitalism has never been about accruing wealth for wealth’s sake; rather financial rewards act as motivators and catalysts to bring about progress and change. Capitalism, in its true sense, is about the overnight success …

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Remembering American Independence: An Economic Guide

Happy Independence Day To All Americans! Happy 4th of July, America. Remember what the holiday means as you celebrate it today. And be inspired to make a difference. Let’s remember what this day originally stood for–Not what we have become Freedom alongside an apathy and ignorance of the world around us will only lead our country back to chaos, …

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The Bilderberg Group: Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

What Is Bilderberg? The mysterious group of about 150 of the Western World‘s political, social, business, and economic elite has long been a favorite topic of conspiracy theorists on the open web, talk radio, and elsewhere. But what is the Bilderberg Group, and most importantly should we fear it? Why It Scares Some It’s human …

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Coca-Cola Returns To Burma–American Hypocrisy?

After over 60 years of U.S. economic sanctions against the Burmese military junta, the U.S.-based international soft drink behemoth, Coca-Cola, has announced its plans to resume business in the democratizing capitalizing nation. Personal concerns about the nutritional value of Coke’s products notwithstanding, I’ve got no problem seeing an economic agreement take place between Burmese capitalists and …

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