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Originally posted on Econoblog:
The Fair Tax will lead to increased economic efficiency by eliminating unnecessary taxes, time wasted filing taxes, money wasted filing taxes, time and money wasted by the government in tabulating taxes, auditing, preparing and mailing refunds, and so much more. Consumers will receive a higher level of utility from every purchase…

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Even More Benefits of the Fair Tax

The National Fair Tax has many benefits over the American government’s current tax system. I have previously discussed just some of the most basic of these. I have also tried to dispel some common misconceptions about what the Fair Tax is not. Some questions, however, remain: 1. How can the Fair Tax include raise the …

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More Good News For Herman Cain & The Tea Party

According to Gallup’s most recent polls, the American public still prefers a Republican, any Republican, to President Obama in 2012. Michele Bachmann‘s Positive Intensity score may have leveled off somewhat, dropping down to 20 after a post-announcement bump had her tied with Herman Cain at 24. Nevertheless, over the past two weeks Bachmann’s name recognition …

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Tip of the Day: Elasticity

A good is considered to be Elastic when a small change in its pricing leads to a large change in the quantity bought/sold. Examples include primarily perfectly competitive markets for unessential goods. A good is Inelastic when its price can be changed wildly without having a major impact on how much is purchased. Gasoline, healthcare, …

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Ron Paul’s Numbers Continue To Plummet

As Tea Party favorites like Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and–oddly–non-contender Sarah Palin continue to pick up steam in the GOP primary race, the most notorious of the small-government champions, Ron Paul, appears to be the biggest casualty of the other three’s rising poll numbers. Typically these four Republicans land in the top five, in varying …

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