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Tip of the Day 14: Savings Tips in a Bad Economy

Cut Coupons–just don’t overdo it because the retailers have begun to push back on people who abuse it. Purchase only necessities until you’re back on your feet financially. Pay off the credit card with the lowest debt first, saving you one whole account’s worth of interest, late fees, and one less monthly bill to worry …

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What Is Fiscal Policy?

Recently I wrote about a faux pas committed by several supporters of Ron Paul regarding their misunderstanding of economic Fiscal Policy and their subsequent berating of any economists who tried to explain to them that the everyday use of the term fiscal policy as understood by the general public is not the same as the …

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No Confidence In Banks!

36% of the American public has little to no confidence in banks in 2011. This number has increased from 30% in 2010 and is the highest percentage on record. In 2011, just 23% of Americans claim to have strong confidence in our banks, a near-record low surpassed only by 2009’s 22% who said the same. …

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Tip of the Day 11: FDR’s New Deal

Did you know that during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal years that helped to bring the nation out of the Great Depression, Americans in the highest income bracket were paying a 95% tax rate?!!

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Ron Paul’s Numbers Continue To Plummet

As Tea Party favorites like Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and–oddly–non-contender Sarah Palin continue to pick up steam in the GOP primary race, the most notorious of the small-government champions, Ron Paul, appears to be the biggest casualty of the other three’s rising poll numbers. Typically these four Republicans land in the top five, in varying …

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