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Even More Benefits of the Fair Tax

The National Fair Tax has many benefits over the American government’s current tax system. I have previously discussed just some of the most basic of these. I have also tried to dispel some common misconceptions about what the Fair Tax is not. Some questions, however, remain: 1. How can the Fair Tax include raise the …

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Tip of the Day 13: The Laffer Curve

The Laffer Curve is a graph that compares federal tax rate to government income from the tax. It is most often shaped like an upside-down parabola, with a maximum point shown at the 50% tax rate. The Laffer Curve is important because it demonstrates that higher tax rates often end up being counterproductive as more …

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What Is Fiscal Policy?

Recently I wrote about a faux pas committed by several supporters of Ron Paul regarding their misunderstanding of economic Fiscal Policy and their subsequent berating of any economists who tried to explain to them that the everyday use of the term fiscal policy as understood by the general public is not the same as the …

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Tip of the Day 11: FDR’s New Deal

Did you know that during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal years that helped to bring the nation out of the Great Depression, Americans in the highest income bracket were paying a 95% tax rate?!!

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The U.S. Economy

Is the U.S. Economy Worsening?   Related articles U.S. economy hits another big bump ( Why Consumer Spending Will Continue to Drop, According to Leading Financial Newsletter Profit Confidential (

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