Economics Made Economical

Remembering American Independence: An Economic Guide

Happy Independence Day To All Americans!
Happy 4th of July, America. Remember what the holiday means as you celebrate it today. And be inspired to make a difference.
Let’s remember what this day originally stood for–Not what we have become
Freedom alongside an apathy and ignorance of the world around us will only lead our country back to chaos, war, and autocracy. Every great democracy, superpower, and wealthy civilization before us has followed this same path.
Let’s take July 4th to observe the rest of the world; to realize how impassioned people in every corner of the globe have become in their fights for more liberty, autonomy, and independence. And let’s learn by following their examples.
We are not invincible or incapable of being taken back to our Civil War days or our autocratic monarchic days. It’s in our hands to prevent it; to be as constantly vigilant about it as our forefathers were.
What do capitalistic economies require to remain capitalist?
 1. Free flow of information, freedom of speech, and an educated populace that has complete understanding of the pros & cons of every decision they make.
2. No entry barriers that would prevent anyone from entering into any economic market of their choosing.
3. Strong antitrust regulation that is consistently and thoroughly enforced.
4. A flat tax or progressive tax rate that ensures the wealthy are paying at least as high a percentage as the lower classes.
5. Punishing collusion; fostering fair market competition.
6. No company is ever “too big to fail”–the government must not intervene to help “save” private billionaires from their own bad business decisions.
There is no truly capitalistic country left on Earth today, but the United States has become one of the least capitalistic countries in the modern world. We owe it to each other, to our future generations, and to the world to change that.

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