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The Bilderberg Group: Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

What Is Bilderberg?

The mysterious group of about 150 of the Western World‘s political, social, business, and economic elite has long been a favorite topic of conspiracy theorists on the open web, talk radio, and elsewhere. But what is the Bilderberg Group, and most importantly should we fear it?

Why It Scares Some

It’s human nature to shudder when we hear about a shadowy meeting of the rich and powerful that’s occurred in semi-secrecy annually since 1954. Adding to its creepiness factor: Bilderberg refuses to publicize its minutes, to speak openly about its yearly discussion topics, or even to explain the group’s objectives/purpose to the world at large, all while being composed of a membership of the wealthy and powerful who are often said to control the strings of global finance.

Bilderberg’s Waning Power In A Modern World

But, as has been evidenced in the Arab Spring, Eurasia’s Orange, Rose, and Cedar revolutions, and the recent opening up of Burma by its entrenched unelected military junta, the world’s everyday citizen is in a powerful position. In fact, we’ve got a greater quantity and a stronger density of “people power” than at any time in human history, thanks to the internet, smartphones, Facebook, YouTube, social media, and so many other technological tools that allow us all to name and shame elite and powerful who abuse their positions.

It is also the case in the Western World, where just 10-15 years ago evidence of Bilderberg was sketchy at best. Now we are able to find full guest lists of Bilderberg attendees, which usually include the American president, vice-president, secretary of state, various corporate/financial chairmen, including the chairman of the Federal Reserve bank, and most European heads of state.

Given Such A Group Of People, Why Shouldn’t We Be Afraid?

At the end of the day, let’s not forget to remember that these people, for all their money and job perks, are merely people. 150 sacks of flesh and blood, no different from you or me. 150 people cannot do anything controversial, dangerous, harmful, or otherwise evil to the other 7 billion people unless we willingly were to submit. As I stated earlier, People Power has become the sign of the times.

An Economic Capitalist View

Before the reemergence of People Power, the Average Joe around the globe from Greece to China, from the US to Egypt, from Rwanda to Burma all had one thing in common. A feeling of helplessness or a complacency with their status as merely “average” among a super-minority of elite. However as long as the public is knowledgeable and willing to stand up for themselves, market capitalism, like liberal democracy, is our best weapon against any and every kind of modern injustice. We have seen the end results of democratic protest and free media access and information flow that have brought autocratic regimes to their end. Likewise, if Bilderberg or any of its individual or corporate members were to attack the public, we’d need merely exercise our capitalist rights to take our business elsewhere. Every Westerner could, for example, withdraw all their money from the sleazy Bilderberg bank’s accounts, close them down, refinance mortgages and other debts to another bank, sell stocks and bonds and re-invest the monies earned into Hong Kong or Singapore or Tokyo (or anywhere else), and we, through market capitalism and choice to not do business with any private entity we choose not to, would instantaneously bankrupt the corrupt/greedy entity. Boycotts really do still work! So long as most average citizens remember that they are an option and are dedicated and educated enough to sacrifice a little time to allow them to work.

For that reason alone, Bilderberg’s 150-person club has more to fear from the other 7 billion world citizens than any of us do from it. Perhaps all they are talking about in their meetings, after all, is their worry that they are no longer able to keep the rest of the world in the dark about how capitalism, economics, business, and democracy really work.




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