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WORLDWIDE TOP TEN: Best Economies (Part 1)

The G8. The Global Superpowers. The USSR, the British Empire, Japan, China, the United States.

What they all have had in common at one point or another in their history is they were considered the current world economic leader or closely watched due to their potential to explode upon the global economy. In some instances, the dominance was clear, for example Britain during much of the last century or America since the end of World War Two and especially since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

In other cases adaptation of new ideas and technology didn’t happen quickly enough or didn’t pan out the way we might have expected: Russia never managed to dethrone the US economically after half-heartedly adopting market-based economics. Japan had the potential but it was unrealized.

And China may or may not overtake the USA as the world’s top economy, with much depending on its human rights, transparent government, and respect for international business agreements, such as those regulating dangerous products, labor unions, child workers, hazardous work environment, copyright, and the like.

The world is rapidly changing, however, and during the next decade the fifteen nations listed below will very likely overtake the US, Russia, Japan, China, and the EU nations as the developing-to-developed nations with the most to offer the global economic market.

Some are more or less there now. Some have a long way to go but are on the right track. Others’ governments will either make or break their progression. Each day this series will examine where one of these nations will likely see itself by the end of this decade given its current economic progress.

First up is Cuba, a country at a crossroads. If its current regime commits itself to capitalism and integration with its American neighbors, the island nation has the population and the resources to rival even the major regional economies of Mexico, Canada, and Brazil.

  • 15. Cuba
  • 14. Bangladesh
  • 13. Costa Rica
  • 12. Kenya
  • 11. Philippines
  • 10. Bahrain
  • 09. Vietnam
  • 08. Uganda
  • 07. Kuwait
  • 06. Brazil
  • 05. Qatar
  • 04. Burma
  • 03. India
  • 02. Nigeria
  • 01. United Arab Emirates

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