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More on the Obama Deception

Barack Obama was recently found not to meet basic citizenship requirements for holding the Office of Present of the United States of America. Ignoring his parents’ lack of American citizenships during and after the time of Obama’s birth, newly discovered incontrovertible evidence shed light on Obama’s secret Kenyan birth. Reports from various Chicago and African media have supported this assertion for decades.

Kenya has declared Barack Hussein Obama Jr‘s birthplace a historic tourist site. In 2004 print media in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ghana, as well as Chicago lauded Obama’s meteoric political rise, describing his as the “rising Kenyan-born American” political star.

Archived reports from 2004, 2007, 2008, and even some as recent as 2009 from these and other African nations are readily available on the net, although Obama’s legal team has attempted to squash these sites to prevent the truth from getting out.


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