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BREAKING NEWS: U.S. President Barack Obama Is Not An American

According to his former literary agent, Barack Obama billed himself as a budding new Kenyan-born author in 1991. This revelation has stunned the American people, who typically had laughed off questions of Obama’s citizenship as being pushed by fringe conspiracists.

Coupled with a recent revelation by Obama’s own attorney in the state of New Jersey that his Birth Certificate is admittedly a forgery, as well as the state of Arizona’s recent conclusion determining the Certificate to be a layered digital fabrication, this statement is damning. It is also a rather damning indictment of the American media and Congressional elite and powerful who appear to have aided Obama in his public deception. The various strands of this story are still coming together. More to come.



  1. Anonymous

    he needs to be hanged he cheated his way into office and has only ran America into the ground even more he needs to be punished for his actions

  2. It does make you wonder, even if he might have spent much of his life in the USA, why did he consider himself a Kenyan first and foremost up until he was running for America’s president. If war were to break out between the US and Kenya, who would Obama support?

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