Economics Made Economical

Originally written almost a year ago, these financial tips sadly still apply today.


  • Cut Coupons–just don’t overdo it because the retailers have begun to push back on people who abuse it.
  • Purchase only necessities until you’re back on your feet financially.
  • Pay off the credit card with the lowest debt first, saving you one whole account’s worth of interest, late fees, and one less monthly bill to worry about.
  • Keep the air conditioning at 68 instead of 65. 72 instead of 68. 85 instead of 80. Raise the thermostat gradually and realize you can still be comfortable is a “less cool” environment than you’d have expected.
  • Don’t use Coinstar machines to count your change–they usually charge a 10-15% fee. Instead take all your pocket change at the end of the day and dump it into a large jar or bin. When it’s full, take it to Commerce Bank’s free coin counter machine and use 100% of what you get back to pay off…

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