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Herman Cain Schools President Clinton on Economics

Hillary Clinton Promotes Socialized Healthcare

The likeliest winner of the 2012 Presidential Election, Herman Cain, rose to national prominence by famously out-debating President Clinton during the Hillary Care era. Watch Cain talk circles around Clinton and explain the realities of the average American to a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth:

Herman Cain vs. Bill Clinton



  1. So Cain rose fast in the polls, became the front runner and was, in fact, a real threat to become the Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential election.

  2. Yes. At the time I posted the above, he consistently ranked at the top of Gallup Polling’s “Positive Intensity” chart, despite being relatively unknown. The GOP was also viewed much more favorably than the Democrats all summer. Things have obviously changed quite drastically since.


  1. US Presidential profiles in violations of Justice. (Part 9 – former President W. J. Clinton) « We dream of things that never were and say: "Why not?"

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