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More Good News For Herman Cain & The Tea Party

According to Gallup’s most recent polls, the American public still prefers a Republican, any Republican, to President Obama in 2012.

Michele Bachmann‘s Positive Intensity score may have leveled off somewhat, dropping down to 20 after a post-announcement bump had her tied with Herman Cain at 24. Nevertheless, over the past two weeks Bachmann’s name recognition has shot up from 69% to 74%, making her the fifth best-known Republican candidate behind the stagnant top four who have long since reached their recognition plateaus. She closes in on Ron Paul’s 77% recognition, which has remained within 2 percentage points of 75% since the beginning of the polling five months ago.

In even better news for Cain, his Positive Intensity score shoots back up to 26 from 24, giving him the clear lead by this measure (Bachmann is second with 20), even as his name recognition continues to make slow-but-steady gains (up from 46% to 48% and closing in on Rick Santorum‘s stagnating 49%). He also remains in third place behind Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin in terms of who Republicans would vote for if the election were held today. Responsible for Cain’s massive Positive Intensity lead is the incredible 0% of voters who view him “Strongly Unfavorably” and the 26% who consider him “Strongly Favorable”.

A whopping 77% (up from 73% two weeks ago) of Republicans who know of Cain consider him Favorable or Very Favorable, with only 11% rating him as Unfavorable. Bachmann’s next best-liked, with only 14% viewing her as Unfavorable or Very Unfavorable. Among the most disliked of the contenders, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and Ron Paul retain their spots at the bottom.


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