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Tea Party Favorites Lead Gallup Poll

Tea Party favorites, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, lead the pack of GOP hopefuls in Positive Intensity ratings according to Gallup’s most recent analysis. Cain and Bachmann have scores of 23 and 22 respectively. Gallup calculates this measure of popularity by comparing each candidate’s favorability with his/her unfavorability among voters who have heard of the candidate.

Cain and Bachmann rate favorably according to 72% and 70% (respectively) of Republicans who are aware of them. These percentages are extremely impressive considering that Bachmann’s name recognition is just 65% and Cain’s is only 43% among Republicans! This gives both candidates ample potential to expand their support bases.

Even more good news for Cain: he has third-most support from Republicans (9%) trailing only the major players Sarah Palin (16%) and Mitt Romney (24%). Cain, a masterfully successful businessman without previous political background or corporate allegiances, is an ardent proponent of the Fair Tax and has degrees in mathematics and computer science. He appears to be the most competent and qualified player in the 2012 race so far–from any political group–to fix the nation’s current economic woes.

At the other end of the popularity spectrum, we find Tim Pawlenty with a Positive Intensity of 9, Ron Paul (8), Jon Huntsman (5), Newt Gingrich (2), and Gary Johnson (-2).




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