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Ron Paul: What’s The Appeal?

What is Ron Paul’s appeal to so many on the internet? His economic positions are quite literally insane in many cases. His supporters position him as some bastion of libertarianism. But as far as I can tell, he’s neither an economic nor a social libertarian.

He supports monopolies and big business and opposes any government oversight of business corruption. He doesn’t seem to agree with the basic American principle of free market capitalism because monopolies, by definition, should not exist within legitimately free and fair markets.

He’s not a social liberal by any stretch of the imagination: he’s completely opposed to abortion, he’s on record as making anti-gay comments, and is possibly a racist to boot.

Is it wrong of me to consider him an ultra-right winger who has an occasional crazy idea or two that gives an illusion of him being something different? I really don’t understand what he’s ever done that riles up so many internet users into rigging every non-scientific poll so that he appears to be far more popular than he really is.

Is it just that he supports legalizing marijuana and lots of young people consider that to be the only issue that really matters to them?




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