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Who Is Herman Cain?

Herman Cain:

Herman Cain is a mathematician, computer scientist, businessman, CEO, and a 2012 presidential candidate. He also describes himself as an ABC: an American Black Conservative, something of a rarity in modern politics.

Cain has never held public office but he’s consistently polled with the highest Positive Intensity Score of any GOP candidate according to Gallup. This is a scoring method Gallup uses that compares each candidate’s overall favorability with their unfavorability among Republicans who have heard of that candidate.

Although only 40% of American Republicans know Cain’s name, his lead over all other candidates in Positive Intensity steadily continues to widen.

Cain’s credentials are impressive and he has arguably become the chosen candidate among the Tea Party movement. His lack of previous political office is seen as a positive by many Republicans. And his business savvy, many believe, is exactly what our country needs to push it back onto the right track.

Cain first gained prominence in 1994 as president-elect of the National Restaurant Association. He ended up engaging in an impromptu economic debate with President Clinton during a townhall meeting in Missouri, revealing Clinton’s lack of understanding of small business economies.

In 1996 he was recruited by Jack Kemp to work as an economic adviser to Bob Dole. He currently hosts a popular talk radio program in Atlanta. In the past he has been the CEO of both Godfather’s Pizza and the National Restaurant Association, Chairman of the Kansas City Fed, and the Vice-President of Pillsbury.




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