Economics Made Economical

Other Nations Who Don’t Deserve Our Free Handouts

I have already discussed the nations that are the biggest recipients of U.S. foreign aid per year.

However dozens upon dozens of other nations receive smaller amounts of our money every year. Some of the more ridiculous aid recipients include:

  • Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, South Africa, and India, which are all countries with sufficiently strong economies that they don’t need to depend on anyone else.
  • Haiti, Peru, Liberia, and El Salvador, all of which have been independent nations with very strong ties to our country since at least the mid-19th century; additionally they all really only have very minor problems compared to much of the rest of the developing world.
  • Uganda and the military dictatorship Congo–the former Zaire, not to be confused with its relatively stable neighbor also known as Congo. Should we be wasting our money on corrupt, violent, oppressive regimes like these?

Your Thoughts?

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