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Foreign Aid: How Much Do We Give Away?

One of the biggest wastes of the American taxpayer’s money is all the handouts we continue to give to other governments, many of which hate our nation and our people. Any leader who’s serious about restoring this country’s economy must start by cutting off these fair-weather friends of ours. Look at what we give them every year and ask yourselves do they give us anything back to justify such outrageous spending on these global leeches?

$9,000 million                               Afghanistan
$2,500 million                                 Israel
$2,250 million                                 Iraq
$1,800 million                                Egypt
$1,800 million                                Pakistan
$1,200 million                                 Sudan
$1,050 million                                 Palestine
$950 million                                    Ethiopia
$920 million                                    Kenya
$900 million                                    Colombia
$820 million                                    Jordan



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